April 29, 2007

Are we are own worst date?

The Party is two weeks away. I've already written the questions from the guys and the Wowettes' answers on the previous post. That was fun, reading the questions to the ladies and hearing their laughter and then their thoughtful answers. Some questions were fun and funny and others made us sad, but that's life, isn't it, the emotions we face while living. I like to call it existential angst, the pain of living, but then I'm a recent college graduate with a degree in philosophy, did you know that?!?

Since that post, I've received a few more comments from the guys. One wrote, "Hi Ellen thanks again for the updates on the single's party. I have to be honest I have never done anything like this before and I must say I am nervous. Keep those messages coming and I'll see you soon." I like that in a man, that he is able to admit his fears and do it anyway. I wrote him back that I'm looking forward to meeting him and that he should introduce himself, whisper to me that he's the guy who is a bit nervous and that I will introduce him to the ladies until he is comfortable. His answer to that was, Ellen you're too cool thanks I feel more comfortable already!" Aahhh, nice. Another guy wrote, "Where are the personal profiles of women? Without that, I should just go to a bar or a Russian women website." I think he should. Definitely.

So really, what's the intention for this Party? I want my Wowettes and other single ladies our age to meet a group of great guys who are also looking for a partner, a relationship, maybe their last love. I wanted us to do it the "old-fashioned" way, meeting in a public place in a setting where we can have fun and be ourselves and see the guys as they really are. I really want it to be a fun time for everyone and, if any of us meet someone we'd like to see again, that's even better.

But one guy's email shook me up. He wrote, "My question for you or your group is: "How do we get past the feeling of being used or just a meal ticket?" Wanted: .... generous, .... This comprises most posts and leaves no doubt of the meaning. All activities lists are the higher end: "concerts, theater, fine dining." They never mention McDonalds or Home town buffet. "Love to travel exotic places." Nothing is mentioned of who they are, the real person below the surface, or why I'd be interest in them. I don't want my penis enlarged or pay to view their pictures. Like most men my age, I watch my spending habits. I can't go out an earn it again. Also, time is a precious asset; I don't want to waste it with a door-nob. I want conversation on a mutual level, companionship, a special someone who knows I'm there for her when she needs me, and intimacy." I wrote him back that the ladies I know, all of whom are self-supporting and independent women, are looking for a man who wants to take walks, go for drives, see movies sitting on the couch - we just want a man who is a friend and lover and hopefully good under the sheets. I told him to take the lady to somewhere like Descanco Gardens or the Santa Monica Pier, where they can talk and people watch and have a very inexpensive meal and he can find out who she really is. If she's not happy with that date, then he can move on. If she's delighted, then a second date is in order.

But he wrote again, "How can you tell, in advance, what her agenda is? If you're wasting your time and money on a woman who is damaged goods (seriously damaged)? The one who doesn't want to find anyone, only taken out. One who doesn't care about you or anyone else and never will. It's all about being taken out and shown a good time. Her favorite manta is "Next". Remember, we're male - we're blind when it comes to clues and never ask direction." Geez, isn't that the purpose of dating, to find out these things? To get to know the other person? I don't know any other way to find out who the other person is, if they are emotionally healthy, if they can make me laugh, if they have similar values, etc etc, unless I spend time with them, keep my eyes and ears open, and pay attention to what they are telling me about themselves.

And then he slammed me and what I wrote in a previoius post, "What about the woman who goes out with you, has fun, takes you to bed (fun under the sheets), and then kicks you out in the morning (I've got to get something done). Oops! That's you! Never mind. LOL (Your blog)" Ouch. At first, I thought this guy was sincerely looking for information about women, something to help him be more successful in meeting a good woman, but now I realize that he's just angry and bitter, and that's sad. I've had a few other emails like this, guys saying negative things about "all women," and I have to think their attitude pushes woman away and might even cause them to attract the very women they complain about so they can prove their theories. And that's even sadder.

Dating isn't easy, I admit. It's hard to see the "real" person when we are all wrapped up in our physical attraction or the thought that maybe he's "the one." Sometimes we ignore the red flags because we just don't want to see them. Sometimes the guy has a few things on our "required list" and so we think he must have the rest of the list, too. Sometimes we ladies are as blind as you guys and certainly we delude ourselves into thinking that the guy's bad traits will magically go away and that he will turn into Prince Charming. But, again, that's what dating is for, to have fun and see the other person as he or she really is, to see the good and the bad and decide if this one is a "keeper."

So, I vote that we take the time before the Party on May 12th to examine our own attitudes, see if we have any "all men" or "all women" views and cast them aside. Let's look at ourselves and make sure we are not hindered by our negative attitudes about the opposite sex and let's replace our past "baggage" with a hopeful and positive attitude. Let's make it a great Party full of fabulously upbeat people having fun together. We have that choice. Let's make it happen.

April 26, 2007

The Guys Ask Questions.

So, we WOWettes are gearing up for our Second Cocktail Party Experiment. I wrote about the first one a few posts back and I still remember how much fun it was. A room full of singles our ages who usually meet via online dating sites and now are meeting in person. Imagine thirty men and thirty women having fun, completely skipping the emailing back and forth, the first phone call, and the "Coffee Date." I hate coffee dates, have I said that? I don't drink coffee and I just can't imagine a more unnatural place to have a first meeting. Consider the Cocktail Party as a remedy to bad first dates and the disappointments of dating sites.

So, I have created an email list of singles who want to attend the next party. A big, big list of men and women who may meet the person of their dreams on May 12th or at least have one heck of a fun Saturday night. I'm thinking there will be maybe double the crowd of the first one! So, to keep you all interested until the party, I asked the guys to send me their questions about women and offered to get the answers from the WOWettes at tonight's meeting. The ladies loved your questions and had some great fun with the answers, so here they are:

1) Recent pix and bio information on the gals would really help, especially for those of us who are coming from far and have particular tastes we are in touch with. OK, it's not really a question, but we answered it anyway. "It's a party so think of it like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get." There are pix on other posts in this blog and there are a lot of women I don't know coming from other groups, so you'll just have to take your chances. Think of it as an adventure. A room full of beautiful women who want to meet you? How could you stay away?

2) I'd like to know the general age of the individuals and whether they are interested in meeting someone for a serious long term commitment. Doesn't a question end with a question mark? "We're all different and some of us do and some of us don't." I think more of us would say we do if we meet the right guy. Ages? I'm gearing toward a 40s and 50s crowd, but anyone is welcome.

3) Why won't they let us nap on a Saturday afternoon? "What? You're napping on a Saturday afternoon without US?" We all like to "nap."

4) Is it true that women think about sex as much as men do? "Yes. Sometimes. Some of us." More than you think.

5) Can we forgive ourselves for the mistakes that ended past relationships? Ours and theirs? "Yes, we must. That was the past, and we are creating a new history today." Life is short, we have to forgive ourselves and them, love ourselves, and allow new love into our lives. Is there any other choice?

6) How do women feel about being approached in public, such as grocery stores, Macy's. How do they like to be approached so it is comfortable , respectful, and non-threatening? "Say Hi! Compliment something about us. Talk about the fruit in a market, the books in a bookstore, or just say that's a nice color on us or that we have a nice smile." Ah, just do it, guys! Respectful? Don't say anything you wouldn't say to your Aunt Sally.

7) There's gotta be a secret password or a handshake or something that gets women to do what you want. "Are you kidding?!?" Sorry, that one rendered us speechless. We're almost never speechless, believe me.

8) What is the answer to the great question of life, the universe, and everything?
"It's a secret." "Love." I prefer to think that there is no answer, that spending one's time trying to figure it out is a waste of what little time we have here, so just go out and be nice to people and try to make the world a better place because you're in it.

9) Why are women so afraid of sex, flirting, and dressing up? "What? You're going out with the wrong women!!!" We love sex and flirting and dressing up - just treat us like you adore us and see what happens.

So, guys, thanks for the questions, we had a lot of fun with them. Feel free to send more. Feel free to invite your friends to the May 12th Cocktail Party. Feel free to practice what you've learned here on us when you meet us. We're gonna have so much fun with you!

April 22, 2007

Do we really still want the "bad boy?"

Ah, I was going to get so much done at home today and then I had a conversation with one of the guys signing up for the group's next cocktail party and I can't stop thinking about what he said. He had an idea that he called a theory but really he believed it to be the truth. Never married and told too many times that he is "too nice," he believes that all women only want the "bad boy" and that the nice guy really does finish last.

It made me think. I told him that the women I know claim to be done with the bad boy thing, that they've been through a marriage and a bad divorce, are independent, and are enjoying life, but would appreciate having a good man around for company. For hiking or watching movies or that cool stuff under the sheets, but they want some peace in their lives, not drama. They want a guy to talk to, to laugh with, and to listen to them when they come home from a tough day at work. They want their feet rubbed and their shoulders massaged and are more than willing to reciprocate. With a "nice guy."

So maybe we should define it, what is a "nice guy"? The guy on the phone said that lots of women in his past liked him, or even loved him, but claimed that he was "too nice" and that it caused them not to keep him. Maybe he was so eager to please his woman that he overdid it, catering to her desires and not stating his own. I've learned from Wayne Levine (it's in a previous post) from www.bettermen.org that men have been "feminized" by women who wanted them to be their best friends and confidants. Wayne teaches these guys to reclaim their masculinity, to state their non-negotiable needs, and to stop being afraid of their women. I think it's true, that we ladies want our guys to be everything to us, but I've learned that some things I need to get from my woman friends and not to expect it from my man. We strong independent women like to have things our way and the "nice guy" will do it, but in the long run we grow to dislike that kind of giving-in and want our guys to stand up for themselves, let us know who they are and what they want, and not be motivated by the possibility of our not liking what they say.

I don't think we really want a bad boy anymore, but we want a man who is confident and strong and can stand up to us while treating us like a princess. It's bad to stereotype that "all women" want this or that, and I wonder if believing it makes these guys seek to prove themselves right with the women they meet. I say, be the nice guy, be really good to us, but be strong and hold on to what you want and need. If you come across a woman who won't let you open the door for her or doesn't appreciate when you bring her flowers, let her go and move on. There's a whole bunch of us who want a guy like you, I promise. Just don't give up who you are to be with us. Stand strong, let us see the real you, and feel free to adore us. We'd like that. I know I would.

April 21, 2007

Music and friends and love.

I'm still recovering from spending the day yesterday in San Pedro for the concert I wrote about in a recent post. It was just a fabulous day, quite an adventure, in a magnificant Art Deco theater built in 1931 that was the first movie house in the area to get a sound system. I left my house at 1pm, picked up my friend Rookie who invited me, and got to the theater at 3:00pm, had a bite at a little Italian deli down the street (where there were NO chain stores) and then back to the theater to listen to the bands warm up. Just us and the security guys and the band guys and it was wonderful. The musicians were in casual clothes jamming, and I felt like they were playing just for me. I don't think I've ever had that experience before and it was splendid.

Suffice it to say that the concert itself was amazing. The band Tierra played Latin music, in English and Spanish, and Rookie's group from www.supersinglemixers.com danced in front of the first row of seats. The security guys tried to get us to stop, but I think they quickly realized it was a lost cause. Just couldn't sit down. The music was fabulous, the crowd was wild, and I had the best time. I got home at 2am and that's without going out to breakfast with the group! 'Nuff said.

On the ride back and forth, we two single independent and fabulous (!) women talked about the usual. Our mutual friends, the upcoming Craigslist cocktail party I'm planning, and dating. Of course. It's a hot topic with my women's group. We've all loved men in the past, been through our share of heartaches, and most of us really would like to experience love again. You know, that spine-tingling-can't-wait-to-see-him-again love. With a guy who looks at us like we're are the most special and beautiful person he has ever seen. Geez, I sound like a fairy tale, don't I, and some women have given up hope, but some of us still believe it can happen again. The concert made me remember a past love, American and born in Peru, with that slight Spanish accent that made me swoon. I still feel tingly when I remember his voice on the phone saying hello to me in Spanish, "hola Elena." Aaaahhh.

So, while we wait for the next (and hopefully final) love of our lives, we are happy to spend time with our grown children, our women friends, and pursuing activities we enjoy. Maybe our prince will still come and maybe he won't. Maybe he'll be at our next cocktail party on May 12th. Wouldn't that be something!

April 19, 2007

Airplanes and Snow White and Chicken dinner..

I'm just back from Leon's Conversations. I went especially to meet a potential speaker for a WOW meeting (and Lauri loves the chicken he makes for dinner). Whew, I knew in the first two minutes of her talk that I couldn't bring her to a WOW meeting, the girls would just chew her up and spit her out! The topic was supposed to be "knowing ourselves" and I'm always eager to learn these types of things in the hopes of making my life more meaningful. So we had our chicken and salad and Leon told us about living with his new girlfriend, which he enjoys immensely, and then said that he didn't know how long it would last, that at our age you never know, and we were a bit taken aback, like we go into such a relationship hoping it lasts and here he is being "realistic" about the possibility it won't. But he looks happy, he really does, and we're happy for him.

So the speaker started with a story about a guy on an airplane and then she went to Pinocchio and then to what appeared to be Snow White, a lady with vertically-challenged neighbors, and then said we are each the center of our own universe. I thought that maybe I fell asleep or was taken away for a few minutes by an alien from outer space because I must have missed something valuable and that's why I couldn't follow what she was saying. Then she talked about styles of behaving and William Marston and DISC and what can you see? and paces like slow and fast and being task or people oriented and then we took a test that showed I was S and C but was I supposed to answer the questions from what I thought about myself or how I think others see me and I was just really lost. I have no clue.

I think what she was saying is that we hear things and handle tasks differently, from the bottom-liner to the detailed oriented, etc, and that it's important to recognize our own style and the style of the person with whom we are interacting. I guess the ladies around me were equally lost so they started talking about what we want from a guy, whether we wanted to get married or not, whether we could really live with a guy or what. A few wanted to get married so they could stop dating. One lady said she could live with a guy, but that they had to have separate bedrooms so she could send him there when she wanted to be alone. I'm not sure if I should share my views on this subject, but I'm gonna anyway, so my thought is to have him show up with flowers, have a great dinner, rip off his clothes and ravage him, sleep in his arms, wake up to breakfast in bed (whatever that might mean at the time), and then send him home so that I could do whatever I wanted the rest of the day. Ah, just the thought of it!

So the speaker? No. The chicken? Yes. And for all of you who missed it, here is the recipe: Take chicken pieces, coat with Balsamic vinegar, cover with something like ginger teriyaki marinade, add garlic and onion powder, sprinkle Parmesan over the top, and bake at 350 degrees for 2 hours. Yummy.

April 18, 2007

Meet me in Long Beach Friday night!

I'm a bit disoriented this week. My schedule was different, and I worked Wednesday so that I could take off Friday. I'll tell you why in a minute.

I think part of the disorientation is the news of the week. I had one patient tell me she can't even listen to the radio anymore, for fear that the news will come on and it would upset her terribly. I've given up reading the paper, but it's impossible not to hear about the current tragedies of the world. Life is so short and we are so mortal that it's hard to separate what happens to others from the possibility that it can happen to us. I'm in a profession where mortality is a constant issue, but this week a few such cases brought me to tears. People talk about "getting over" something or "moving on" but I know that there are certain things that happen when healing and recovery are just not possible. I know, I know, that we should live life in the moment, acknowledge and appreciate every blessing, and love and be kind to as many people as cross our path. But it's so hard not to dwell on such terrible things, because we know it could be us or someone close to us and that's just unbearable.

So what's with Friday night? Life is for the living, I've heard that, and I believe we should enjoy it as much as possible while we have the chance. Watch more sunsets, really take those walks on the beach, stop and enjoy the beauty of a new baby in the stroller going by, and enjoy time with friends. So Friday night? Yep, I'm going to that concert I wrote about recently, the 70s concert in Long Beach that really sounds like fun. And couldn't we all use more of that? Apparently, I'm going to be a worker bee for one of the promoters who I met at an event of a new friend, but again I already wrote about that. I hear a rumor that I'll be working in the "will call" section, where you pick up tickets you purchased online or on the phone. So, I invite you all to join me there and pull me out of the booth so I can "groove" (is that a 70s word?!?) to the music with you. For tickets (and a discount-upgrade) just go to www.supersinglemixers.com and read all about it.

So, I recommend that we stop and smell the roses, tell our friends how much we appreciate them, tell our kids (even the obnoxious teen-agers) that we think they're terrific, and call a friend to invite them to the concert. FYI, I have no financial interest in this event, just think it'll be great music and fun people. And that's a really nice combination.

April 13, 2007

Isn't this a better way to meet?

Remember that episode of Sex and The City where Carrie had a birthday and no one showed up for her dinner? When she finally connected with her girlfriends later that night, she was really sad and embarassed to reveal the reason for her sadness. She finally admitted, almost in tears, that she felt alone and her anguish was that there was no great guy in her life to wish her a happy birthhday.

A lot of us ladies are on a quest to find that guy, that special man who makes us laugh and is great in bed and adores us. And is there to wish us happiness on that special day. So we do a variety of things to find him, like using the internet or asking friends to set us up, or joining clubs in hopes that he is there. I'm not on any internet dating sites anymore, preferring to meet guys in real life, hence the WOW Cocktail Party plans. The first party was successful and fun and I'm planning another one soon, but meanwhile I received some reminders about the difficulty of finding that special guy.

In response to my Craigslist ad for singles our age who would want to come to our cocktail parties, I received this: To whom it may concern, I'm assuming you are a mature woman looking to meet interesting men for friendship and more. I was wondering how you feel about having a private party with a younger man. I am 36 and eager to meet some one about your age for possible LTR or just fun if that suits you. Is that a possibility. To whom it may concern? If you want to be that friendly with me, you'd better know my name. And thanks for the offer, but no. Really, no.

When I was placing the CL ad about the party, I took a few minutes to read the "women seeking men" section to check out my competition and found this one: IF YOU ARE 50+,IF YOU HAVE hair past your shoulders (not bald on top) IF YOU know how to dance,IF YOU ARE CHILD FREE,vegetarian,animal lover and love the Lord-,contacts welcome...Please ONLY if you fit ALL of the above..Photo please.. Geez, and we think we have unrealistic expections?

And in the men seeking women category, here is my favorite: Hello I am an experienced, widowed slave that is searching for a lifestyle (non pro) Mistress to devote myself to in a long term relationship that is surrounded by a safe/sane atomsphere. Due to my employment I am usually available on weekends. I believe in female supremacy and know that I am a slave that needs to serve. Please understand that this is not about sex but about my servitude and pleasing my Mistress. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully I will be kneeling at my new Mistress' feet soon. I am located in the San Fernando Valley and would appreciate a Mistress that is fairly close geographically. You know, the idea of a guy kneeling at my feet sounds kinda interesting, but wouldn't I just hate him after a while for being such a wimp?

And from a guy I'd never met or emailed: Hello Ellen, You sound like a very nice lady who has a lot going for her. I know that it would be enjoyable to discuss various topics with you and to travel together. However, I wanted to write you personally to let you know that I will not be able to pursue this relationship. I have started seeing another person. I hope that you succeed in meeting the match that you desire and have a bright future. Ya just gotta think, what if this new relationship of his lasts like one week or so and then he never has the chance to find out if I'm the woman of his dreams?!?

It's all really weird to me, this dating in my 50s thing. Especially dating online. After our first cocktail party last week, I realized that meeting new men in person can really be great fun and much more authentic than online. You guys were there, nicely dressed, smelling good, with smiles on your faces, and dancing your hearts out. And we ladies had the best time with you! So, the point of all this is that I'm planning the next party soon. I like what the Sex and The City girls decided, that they would be each other's "soul mates" and that the men they met and loved would be "the great guys they have fun with." Maybe those "great guys" will be at our next cocktail party! Stay tuned!

April 10, 2007

Ellen is going to a concert!

You think you know me, don't you? You think I'm this upstanding, self-sufficient, independent mother and grandmother who's a bit quirky (Ok, more than a bit, but whatever). That I live with a poodle and a tabby, that I'm single and mostly happy, that I created this women's group, that I can seem shy but really can do scary stuff, that I work for a brain surgeon, and that I like chocolate. That I graduated from college in 2001 with a degree in philosophy and that I'm kinda smart and a little weird, but nice to have around. At least I hope you think that. That sometimes I like to coccoon and sometimes I like to be social and that I walk for exercise. Geez, if I were tall and skinny and blond (and a few decades younger) I'd be the girl-next-door. Almost.

But you probably don't know that I was a hippie in the 60s, that I had long hair and smoked dope, that I got kicked out of medical assistant school for taking the teacher's son to a love-in, and that I had the first natural childbirth by Lamaze at Granada Hills Hospital. That I went to three Doors concerts, that I went to a Dylan concert at the Forum and pee-ed in the men's restroom, and that I met my daughter's father by walking into a house where I didn't know anyone because I heard a band playing inside. That I was taught to play piano and flute and guitar and loved, loved, loved folk music. I like to think that, even after many years of living a rather mainstream life, I still have that rebel inside of me, that girl who does what moves her regardless of what others will think. And still loves music.

So what brought up this trip to the past? Let's see if you can follow this: A few years ago, I met a guy who took me to Paris and Venice and we broke up, then had a few other short and fabulous relationships until the bad break-ups, then I decided not to date but to spend more time with girlfriends, so I formed this women's group, invited speakers to the meetings, invited Rookie to the meeting, got invited to her www.SuperSingleMixers.com events, got invited back to her event to be a staffer, and last week met a guy at one of her events who is producing a 70s concert and got invited to that!!! What goes around, comes around? It's about time I went back to a rock concert? Giving up the LA Times and TV was good karma?!? Maybe it's just time to have some fun. And listen to some good, live music!

So naturally, I want to share my good fortune and pass on the information about the concert to my loyal readers:
When: April 20th, 2007
Who: Rose Royce ("Car Wash") and Tierra ("Together"), comic George Perez
Where: The Warner Grand Theater, San Pedro, CA
Tickets: (562) 235-9052, www.backdoorwest.com (The concert music is playing there!)
Mention Rookie or book tickets thru her website www.supersinglemixers.com and
you get a discount/upgrade!
Dress: Prizes for the best outfit from the 70s!
Sounds like a great evening. Good music, the company of a cute guy, time with the girlfriends (a bunch of us are going), and a stroll back to the 70s. On the other hand, it's every girls worst nightmare - I have to dress like the 70s? What the heck should I wear?!?

April 8, 2007

Some of the pix from the Cocktail Party!!!

(If you click on any of these pix, they get really big!)

Frank and his two ladies.

OK, that's Frank (front left) dancing but I don't know with who (whom?) and then in the middle of the picture it's me and our Lauri slow dancing with Joe from Oxnard. He said it was his greatest fantasy to dance with two women. He said that.

The magnificant band Felonius Funk. They said that they want to do a Wednesday night Jazz night and want us to come. I'm making an email list of those of you who want to come to our next coed party, so email me (wowthatellen@yahoo.com) and tell me you want to be on the list.

These are the always lovely WOW ladies - Harriet, Lauri, and Heather!

That's Jim in the middle (very classy guy) and my hopefully new friend Susan from Pasadena and I can't remember the name of the really cute guy on the left. Forgive me.

Yes, that's the always amazing and beautiful Rookie and the charming Ed.

The WOW cocktail party? Fabulous!!!

Wow. I had this silly idea that it would be fun to get us off the computer and get us out in public with a great band at a nice club where we could meet fabulous men. What a concept! So I put an ad in the "women seeking men" section of Craigs List and reserved some tables at a local Hilton Lounge where I knew a cool band was playing and waited. About seventy or so guys from CL responded to the ad (where I asked for their pix and personal info) and I spent the week reading the emails and sending back an invitation with details to the party. Quite interesting, just that part of it. Most of the guys were good-looking and seemed like guys my ladies would like to meet. A few were stinkers, such as the guy who sent two close-ups of a certain body part and the others who refused to send their pix until I sent ones of the ladies. Or the guy who said we were too old to party and the other guy who called us hags!!! What do they know!

How did it turn out? Beyond my wildest imagination! I really had no idea who would show up or how everyone would interact at all. As soon as I walked in to the club, my tables were almost filled with my ladies and good-looking guys I'd never met and the night was on! One by one or two by two, our guys and gals walked in to the room, got a name tag and started meeting the others. Just like the "old days," we all mixed and mingled and danced and drank and laughed and paired off and danced some more. And it was amazing. The CL guys were really, really nice. I danced until my feet hurt and the music was the best. My ladies were beautiful and the men were better than I could imagine.

I really met the nicest guys! Where have you been hiding, you terrific men! I have to admit it was weird to meet guys I've never met but who have read my blog and know all about me and my life. One guy asked if I was over my cold and another guy told me how cute my grandchildren are. I just might have fallen in love with all of you guys - you were handsome, charming, and fun and I am just delighted to have met you!!! Thanks to you all for making the night so much fun.

So I vote we stop trying to find each other with online dating services and return to the "old days" when we meet like this. In real life. Pix to follow!

April 1, 2007

The Cocktail Party Experiment - Your Chance to Meet Us!

In my never-ending quest to make it easier and more fun to meet single people our age, WOW is hosting a cocktail party. I remember back, maybe ten or fifteen years ago, when it was easy to go out on a Saturday night and meet great single men my age. No, not the bar scene, where the guys were drunk and the women were treated like meat. I'm talking about singles dances, singles discussion groups, singles dinners, etc, etc. Other than our own Rookie (www.supersinglemixers.com), I can't find any fun places for us to meet. Oh sure, there's Speed Dating or No-Waiting-Dating, but we've done that and it was like aversion therapy. It was kinda dreadful and we never wanted to do it again. And, of course, there's online dating with Match.com or JDate or EHarmony, but that's so tedious and painstaking and rarely leads to a great relationship and it's left a lot of us just burned out.

So, back to the cocktail party. What if we meet at a local kinda upscale hotel lounge in Woodland Hills, I thought, and listen to a great band, have a drink, and do some dancing? No cover charge, it's a nice room, and the band is really good? How easy is that? So far, most of WOW is planning to attend and I'm doing some extensive advertising to draw a bigger crowd of both guys and gals and have received a surprising response so far. At the very least, it will be great music and good company for a few hours. At its best, we ladies will meet some gorgeous and fun guys that we might want to keep. Who wouldn't want to have that kind of fun?

So we're calling on all of you great guys (age 45 and up) to help us make this a successful experiment. Just email me at wowthatellen@yahoo.com and send me your picture (so I'll recognize you at the party) and tell me something about yourself that would make me crazy to meet you (and I'll share it with all the girls!) and I'll email back to you the details of the location. (Ladies interested in WOW are welcome, too!) Doesn't this sound like it'll be the best Saturday night you've had for a long time!!!!!