December 11, 2011

A happy plug.

Happy holidays to all!  Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanza, whatever you celebrate, it's a season of miracles, family, and joy.  I don't have a big family, but the one I do have is happy and fun and brings me ooodles of happiness.  Sometimes, I wish I had that big noisy family, the one that gathers and cooks and watches football and share as each others' babies grow up and mostly just love each other.  But most of us don't have all that, so it's good to appreciate just what we have.  So many have so much less.

I didn't celebrate Christmas until I was nineteen and I never really understood Chanukah as a child, but I did get a gift. My birthday falls in that period of time, so sometimes it was a Chanukah-Birthday gift all in one, but I'm all grown up now and have to be grateful that my own daughter has created a warm and lovely holiday, full of traditions, and her own family that enjoys it all.  And that they like to have me help celebrate with them.

Mostly, really, our happiness comes in what we ourselves create, not from what is given to us by birth.  I had one of those experiences last night, an evening with a new friend I loved as soon as I met her,  at an evening of music and fun and sweets.  Two of the ladies in Wow are members of Sentimental Journey,  an amazing group of singers.  They are available for parties, events, birthdays, and any time when you'd want to be have entertainment that makes you laugh, brings back happy memories, and is worth any drive or price to hear and see.  My friend and I saw their holiday show last night and, although I've attended several of their performances in the past, I continue to be amazed at their varied choices of songs, their joy at performing, and their harmony which is, really, truly, angelic. Sometimes I just close my eyes when they sing so that I can hear every part of their harmonies, it's so beautiful.  And I realized that, not only is their show a pleasure to hear and watch, it really makes the me happy. So, this is my unabashed plug.  If you need a really fun show for your next special event. check out their website at, where you can even listen to them singing a holiday song or buy their CD, and send them an email at or call Karen at 818-362-7419.

My wishes for you all are a healthy new year, many moments to make you smile, and happy times with friends and family.