January 1, 2011

The joy of women.

A lovely evening was had by all.  My favorite Wow meeting of the year took place a few evenings ago, a time full of joy and good food and friends.  Lauri, an original Wowette, hosted the meeting at her home full of twinkling lights and warmth and good cheer.  It was a full house, almost overfilled with the usual group and a lovely assortment of their guests and new members.  And it was a night that will be in my memory for a long time.

At this meeting, it's our tradition, created by a beloved member who moved across the country for adventure and a new life, to sit in a circle and share our dream for the New Year, but to do it in a way that is in the present.  Rather than "I will get more exercise" we say, "I am getting more exercise," as if to take the goal and make it real, right then, in that moment.  This exercise is always a special time when the ladies are quiet, listen to the hearts of their new and old friends, and share their own.

The ladies shared that they "are" volunteering, traveling, making better choices, being brave enough to be successful, expanding their horizons, healthy and open, spending quality time with family, healthy and taking better care of their health, singing and dancing, working out like they did years ago, participating in activities that bring laughter and conscious joy, appreciating their personal gifts, being comfortable expressing their feelings, clearing clutter, pursuing interests that fell by the wayside, reading more, watching what they eat, walking more, recognizing and appreciating their blessings, and able to express gratitude.  As each women quietly yet boldly shared these feelings, I could see and feel the others in agreement, as if each woman's desires were those of all the others present.  I was moved and touched by their openness and honesty, allowing us all to see below their surface, to share how much alike we all really are, both in our joys and our pain.

What amazed me most was that there was one thing each woman shared and one thing that none of the ladies said.  What each woman said was that they wanted to make more friends and dedicate more time to the ones they already had.  What none of these single women said was that they were seeking to find the man of their dreams. Here we are, women who go to singles events and who use online dating sites, who often share their angst about dating and not being able to find a great guy, and not one expressed even one thought about finding a mate or a husband.  Their most common desire was to create and nourish friendships with other women, the exact reason I created this group over five years ago, and clearly the love and closeness with other women continues to be what fills us with joy.  For me?  I deeply appreciate your friendships and how each of you opened your heart to the group on this most memorable evening.  We are so lucky to have each other.