April 26, 2009

Puzzles, airconditioning, and repairmen.

That's a picture of my amazing twin grandchildren putting together a puzzle yesterday with the not-so-helpful assistance of my tabby Simone. The kitty was a "gift" to me years ago when a friend of a friend moved away and couldn't take her, and she's been the sweetest cat ever. A little six-pound furry thing is such a pleasure in my life.

It's been a quiet weekend in Chatsworth, nothing earth-shaking to write about, but a few interesting thoughts to share. It was my daughter's birthday on Friday, and that day always brings to mind the story of her birth, the first natural childbirth by Lamaze at a local hospital. I love to tell her the story and she always acts like she hates to hear it, but I think she must appreciate it anyway, how I always end it by saying how beautiful she was, and still is. It's one of life's greatest treasures to raise a child and see her or him turn into a healthy, well functioning adult who makes good decisions and is happy. I admit to not having been the best parent for her, so I'm constantly amazed at how strong she is, how she has raised such well-balanced and happy children, how she picked such a wonderful man to marry, how she has made such really great friends, and how she chooses to stay close to me. Amazing.

And yesterday I talked to one of my best friends who just went through a break-up. I was reminded that everyone has faults and quirks and things about them we wouldn't like, but the trick is to find someone whose faults are tolerable. She was with a guy who seemed like he was made for her, but in reality he had anger and control issues that she disliked and couldn't tolerate. I applaud her for making the choice to break up within a few months of meeting him, rather than making excuses and growing to resent him or putting up with something that makes her feel bad. Then I was lucky enough to have lunch with another very busy friend and realized that, although we can tolerate certain things in a mate, sometimes those things taken to the extreme can stretch our patience. She's been married to a guy with his own special quirks for a while and talked about how, if she were single now, her list of what to look for in a mate would include such things as if he is in debt, if people owe him money, if a business of his ever failed, etc, etc. I think about how much time I spent researching the purchase of a car and how little time we spend researching a potential mate and I wonder if there is a way to have our dates answer all the important questions before we get involved, but I know that wouldn't work. Too un-romantic, I suppose.

And I got my airconditioning fixed! It was super hot for a few days this week, like breaking 95-year-old weather records, and I realized that my AC didn't work. So I called my favorite appliance repair guys (AM PM Appliance Repair - 818-718-0702) and figured it would be likely $1000, but to my great surprise, it was fixed in thirty minutes for $250! I love those guys, a Russian immigrant family who I always think could be cousins of my dad, they look so much like my relatives. They're honest and prompt and courteous and always do a good job. Another of life's little treasures, knowing quality repairmen.

So, not much exciting in my life, but I'm relaxed and content and feeling well. My daughter and her family are healthy and happy. My women friends are doing fine. The weather is beautiful. I have a roof over my head, a job, and a few dollars in the bank. Life is grand.

April 12, 2009

Illness, nurturing, and Tarnie.

Yes, I'm back! And yes, I've been sick. I'm feeling like my old self again, after months of feeling pretty bad, and my advice to me and everyone is to get medical care when the first strange symptoms arise. Just took me a lot longer to get well because I waited a few days to see the doctor. So thanks to those of you who wrote and emailed and called to find out what's up and offer your help, I really appreciate your kindness.

And now that I'm well, I want to tell you about another Wow meeting, held in the midst of my illness and no, I didn't want to cancel because I wanted to meet the speaker Tarnie Fulloon (www.bodyfreedom.com). As has happened over and over with these monthly meetings, the info the speaker presents seems to be exactly what I personally need in my life, right then and there. Tarnie talked about elements of feminine energy, which means our ability to nurture, give, be nonjudgemental, and be the care givers to those we love. In our usual everyday lives, we use male energy to be strong career women, meaning that we have to be in our heads, be driven, push and strive and be aggressive. And most of us, having achieved this power and independence, have found that something is missing, unless we spend the time to access again our feminine energy and, most of all, use it to take care of ourselves so that we can replace the energy we give away, that we can learn again to receive, to connect, that we can feel again. We need to nurture ourselves, just as we usually nurture others, and we need to find ways to do it daily, before it affects our health and our bodies.

So, for the first time ever, I actually took one week off of work to allow myself to heal. And I did it without guilt, which is the major victory, thanks to Tarnie. It was especially interesting how she helped us re-access our feminine energy by using movements, by swaying and moving to music, focusing on certain parts of our bodies where we felt tension or pain. Rather than just hearing the message, Tarnie helped us to integrate the message into our bodies and our psyche, to have the message become part of who we are internally, and it sure worked for me. I have never chosen to stay home when sick, to purposely decide to tend to my own needs, and probably this is why I have recovered from what could have been a catastrophic illness. My hugs and love to Tarnie - check out her website for more specific details on her philosophy and her classes. She's a delight, just a treasure, and has so much to offer and give. (www.bodyfreedom.com)

So, again, thanks to all who inquired about my absence. You are all in my thoughts and my heart. Please take care of yourselves, nurture yourselves, take time each day to be quiet and still, eat well, and think positive nurturing thoughts. I'll see you soon! xo