September 9, 2010

Dating with Dignity - Imagine!

Another Wow meeting, another fabulous time!  We had the privilege of meeting Marni Battista, founder of Dating With Dignity.  A summary of Marni from her website states, "I have a Masters in Education, am Certified as a Life Coach by the International Coaching Federation, and am also a Master Practitioner at administering an Energy Assessment — “The D-Factor” that helps clients pinpoint exactly why they are, or are not date-able, and what types of messages they are UNCONSCIOUSLY broadcasting to men based on their thoughts, feelings, actions and attitudes. I am also trained as a Facilitator and Mentor Trainer by the Hoffman Institute, a world renowned leader in personal development."  

In Marni's case, these words describe her credentials and viewpoints, but hardly begin to describe her vitality, her enthusiasm, her spunkiness, and her courgage.  How I enjoy meeting a woman who is so beautiful inside and out, who really has a grasp on what makes relationships work, and who expresses herself so fearlessly.  After years of emptiness, she ended a marriage of privilege to begin a path of working with a therapist and quickly realized she was destined to repeat her past over and over unless she grew and changed, creating a life she loved and finding dignity in all areas of her life.

Translate this, then, into helping others, and Marni created a process to help women and men clear away the "crap," the baggage one carries from one relationship to another that hinders and even prevents finding joy and peace.  She starts with a "dating ability assessment" that helps people understand their own energy.  Are we negative, are we feeling like victims, do I have to fight to be right and won't settle for less?  She teaches her clients to take responsibility, to stop blaming, to give up self-doubt and unforgiveness and resentment and instead find the opportunity in the difficult, by asking, "what can I do" to make this different.  We all have limiting beliefs we carry around and thus attract partners who fit those neuroses.  Her coaching finds out how our past affects our present and teaches us "SBA" - stop, breathe, ask what's really going on - the very foundation of living fully and consciously and in the moment, allowing us to be "as connected to your authentic self as possible on a date."

Can you tell I adored Marni? I love, love, love to be with a woman who is smart, isn't afraid to speak her mind in a room where her views might not be understood or appreciated, and still believes in herself and her work.  Her upcoming courses are "How to Increase Your Attraction Factor Man Panel Event," "Breaking out of your Romantic Rut," "Your Total Dating Game Plan - Who You Want and How to Get Him," and "Dating with Dignity's Winter Relationship Rejuvenation Retreat."  You can see her website at or call her at 310-880-2476 or email her at  I can only imagine the positive changes her work can bring to those who are willing to grow and change.

So a big hug and thank you to Marni for sharing herself with my Wowettes for an evening and to my Wowettes for bringing me a yummy potluck and their always sparkling company. There is hardly any more fun and nurturing than a room full of amazing women. xo 

p.s. Our very own Patt and Karen form the Sentimental Journey, a singing group that will be presenting an evening of "Music and Yummy Dessert!" on Saturday November 6th at 8pm at a club in North Hollywood.  If you want to join me and my Wowettes in what I know will be a fun, delicious, and amazingly musical evening, please email me at